Above All (Michael W. Smith)

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Chord Above All (Michael W. Smith)

Verse :
          G        A
Above All Powers
          D        D/F#
Above All Kings
Above All Nature
    A           D       A/C#
And All Created Things
Above All Wisdom
    A               G    D/F#
And All The Ways Of Man
You Were Here
  G/D             A/C# A
Before The World Began

          G         A
Above All Kingdoms
          D        D/F#
Above All Thrones
          G           A
Above All Wonders The World
         D      A/C#
Has Ever Known
Above All Wealth
    A                G      D/F#
And Treasures Of The Earth
Em                G/D
There's No Way To Measure
            F#sus4 F#
What You're Worth

Chorus :
D    Em
A/C#            D
Laid Behind The Stone
    D        Em
You Lived To Die
  A/C#        D
Rejected And Alone
Like A Rose
A               G       D/F#
Trampled On The Ground
             Em    D/F#
You Took The Fall
               G   A
And Thought Of Me
Above All

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